I left Florida on Saturday, arriving home in the BVI to...no internet. It seems to be sorted now, as well as my Photobucket issues. All good and back in order.

I'm planning to have a show of The Paradise Project paintings this spring, before we leave the island. I may have found a venue- a fort that's been converted into a museum of artifacts. The location is perfect, right near town, and interior is spacious with white walls, conducive to showing paintings in their best light. It's challenging on the island to find appropriate venues for art exhibitions. We don't really have galleries- more like boutiques or gift shops. Tomorrow, I'm going to speak with the museum management about producing a show of my work.


Ronda Clark said...

That's exciting news! You know, you've got me wanting to go take pictures of the ocean. :-)

es said...

Good luck, sounds like a beautiful venue! Looking forward to seeing the pictures.