Beach at Sandy Spit, British Virgin Islands

The shallow water over sand gave a beige-gray, or taupe, appearance. The photo was taken in late afternoon, my favorite time of day.

I'm getting many new ideas for encaustics, utilizing this taupe color somehow. I'm still impatient to begin the new medium, but reminding myself that it will be months before I can start.


autumndiva said...

I may have missed your reason for waiting. But why are you waiting?

Stephanie Clayton said...


I should have been more clear in the post! I'm waiting to start encaustics because we're moving from the Caribbean soon, and I'd rather not import all the supplies at this stage. (Shipping to the islands is slow and really expensive.) In the meantime, I've been working on series of pen drawings and gouaches.

Thank you for the question; I appreciate your comment.

-h said...

I like the gel-like texture of the water in this picture.

Re: the furniture. Thanks for asking! I haven't taken the plunge on anything yet, but I've got two potential ones I'm considering.. The Z Gal was way out of my league. What they were charging for shipping, assembly, and "stair fees" would be cost of a new mattress alone! (which I would need too) Way overpriced, esp. when there are gen. leather beds going for the same price range.