The Gallery in Road Town, Tortola recently featured the multi-media encaustic paintings of Maureen Renahan-Krinsley.

From her artist statement:
"In her body of work, Maureen Renahan-Krinsley, trained as a painter, combines the media of acrylic paint, photography, computer graphics, pastels and encaustic wax. Her work builds on the associations of memory and experience, and has been inspired by travel and impressions of different cultures and landscapes."

Maureen divides her time between the British Virgin Islands and the United States.

See more of Maureen's lush, airy seascapes here.

Sharona, gallery associate, was kind enough to obtain permission for me to photograph the paintings.

The Gallery, owned by artist Lisa Muddiman Gray, is located on Main Street in Road Town. The building is a charming historical West Indian house.

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