STORY OF THE DAY// the beach cleaner

Sea grape trees and palms at Brewer's Bay, Tortola

Many years ago, I worked with a charter yacht captain Steve who was great at telling stories about his Caribbean experiences. On the beach one day, he observed a man raking sea grape leaves. This man seemed very proud of the job he'd given himself as beach cleaner, whose mission was to rid the beach of those leaves. Steve said something to him about the futility of the task. The beach cleaner replied that the job was easy but required some patience; he would wait around until the tide washed the leaves into piles, regardless of how many days it took. He told Steve, "De sea, sometime she work wid me, sometime she work against me."

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The Photodiarist said...

I love sea grapes! I remember eating them a few times.

Stunning photo, by the way.