Suddenly it seems I have a million and one things to do. It's as if I'm gazing at a beach, and counting the grains of sand to symbolize each task before me! Okay, I admit that's a gross exaggeration.

Our moving plans are finally coming together. It's a juggling act, timing everything. Between flying the dog to the US (before the airline imposes their high temperature pet embargo), deciding what to sell and what to ship to the US, packing as compactly as possible (Tropical Shipping charges by the cubic foot), and all the other usual tasks of moving, it can seem overwhelming. Therefore, it helps to focus on details. One by one, things are getting done.

I've sold my big easel, stretcher frames, canvas, office supplies, painting mediums...Almost everyday, something else from the studio finds a new home.

About these photos: I snapped them last winter on Sandy Spit, a little island here in the British Virgin Islands. I'm increasingly drawn to texture and muted colors, as seen in these myopic images of a beach. Yes, I am still impatient to get back to painting. For the first time in twelve years, I'm without a studio. Maintaining focus on the big goal prevents me from feeling too lost while I'm temporarily studio-less.

After my show THE PARADISE PROJECT closes on Saturday, I'll fly the dog to Florida this weekend. Then I return Tortola for finalizing the move by mid-June. If I'm in Florida long enough this trip, I can set up a temporary work space to try encaustics for the first time.

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