New work: Cognition #6, 2010, 14 x 11 inches, pen drawing...

This drawing took forever to complete, it seemed. In the end, it had evolved into a metaphor for my days living on a Caribbean island- 'self-imposed exile', as some expatriates jokingly call it. Each pen mark became a symbol for the days/weeks/months/minutes until we were able to leave.

And now, that time has come. I'd fully expected to return to Tortola this month to finish packing and see my dear friends one more time before my husband and I headed off to live in the US. However, due to new circumstances, that is not the plan. I am now to remain in Florida with the dog until my husband and cat arrive. Then, Charleston.

So that's it. I no longer live in the British Virgin Islands. A twelve-year adventure has abruptly ended. All the planning, re-planning, waiting and hoping....It's now a becoming a reality.

Moving to a little island in the middle of an ocean is hard and exhilarating and scary. Leaving is harder and in some ways, scarier. Why is that? It's, in a word, complicated. Basically, one has to live it to understand why. I won't attempt to explain because it would take too long. It's better said visually.


Ronda Clark said...

Steph, I remember when you moved to the BVI and I'm so glad that we've reconnected. I have enjoyed seeing your art and look forward to see the direction that it will take now that you are back in the states.

Stephanie Clayton said...

Thanks, Ronda.
I'm really glad we're reconnected, too. Thank goodness for FB! Can you believe it was 12 years ago that we left? Seems a lifetime ago.

es said...

I love this piece and sentiment behind it. Have a smooth transition to the states I am sure it's not easy!

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Thank you. Making this drawing was almost meditative, soothing in a sense.
Yes, the relocation is quite an undertaking, but will be a very positive and exciting change.