Installation of Tomas Saraceno's Galleries Forming Along Filaments, Like Droplets Along the Strands of a Spider's Web, 2008, elastic cord, metal hooks and wire ties...It's quite interesting to learn how the sculpture was put together. For more about Saraceno's work, click here.

The installation is part of Miami Art Museum's BETWEEN HERE AND THERE: Modern and Contemporary Art from the Permanent Collection, on exhibit until June 20.

Walking into Saraceno's installation is an enthralling experience. I entered the room wearing the white shoe covers provided, and gingerly climbed over a few supporting cords toward the nucleus, beholding this amazing work.
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Catch this exhibit if you're in Miami- well worth it.

Off topic, today is the final day to submit an aqua painting for AQUA- A Tribute, an online exhibition I'm posting later this week. Please click here for details.

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Michele Fraichard said...

Oh wow this looks like a heliozoa, something I've been wanting to paint lately but haven't been able to get started yet. Love it!