I couldn't resist continuing the aqua theme. The other day, I spotted these watery paintings at Art Center/South Florida (or click here for the blog) on Miami Beach's famous Lincoln Road.

From the Art Center's website:
Art Center artists have work on view at several satellite exhibition sites including the "Windows at Walgreens"; Miami Beach locations at Lincoln & Washington, 67th & Collins, and 74th & Collins, and the Miami Beach City Hall Gallery.

I can't recall at which satellite location I saw this display, and the website doesn't seem to mention it.

Viewed individually, they're simply pretty paintings, or rather more like studies for larger pieces; but arranged as a large group, the impact is powerful.
Because I was shooting in front of a glass display window, and the paintings are framed under glass, the photo quality isn't great. I'm seeing my own reflection, people and palm trees from across the street- but you get the idea.

Art Center/ South Florida, 800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL


Pam Farrell said...

nice! I love a good theme...

Art Trip said...

Yeah, these are fun as a group.