My first encaustic painting in progress...I like where this one is going. That white stripe across the lower middle is artist's tape, and it's purposely tilted. I wanted the black field to have a hard edge.

As you can see, I tried adding a layer of unpigmented encaustic medium, to see what would happen. I ended up scraping it off because- well, it only looks like white wax spread over the top- not the look I was aiming for. It's much better now (I don't have a photo of its present state). This painting is nearly finished. I'll post once it's complete.
Studio's still a bit bare. I have stuff stored along the walls on the floor because I haven't got around to installing shelves yet.


Ian MacLeod said...

i like where this is going Stephanie - the black area is beautiful.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Thanks, Ian. The work on this piece hasn't been too challenging thus far; the other painting in progress (I'll show it soon) has taken a while to click- visually and technically speaking.

Michele Fraichard said...

i absolutely love it...deep black texture is a favorite of mine and i like the juxtaposition with the smaller color field..what's going where the tape is?

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

The tape is covering the rest of the lower colors (browns, greys). Guess I should have removed the tape before photo-ing.
The black part is now roughly textured and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I got the effect by layering different blacks (the difference in hues is probably barely perceptible even in person, but I feel it adds some depth). I sort of scumbled the paint on, hence the texture. Of course that was after the photo was taken, and after I scraped away the offending top layer of plain wax!

lemondew2 said...

I see the answer to my last question.
I love this. the black abyss meets the sea.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

thank you, lemondew2. it interests me to learn what others "see" or feel in the work.