Caught in His Own Net
Stone, resin, hair, crab, net, grasshopper

Universal Still Life #2
Stone, resin, trumpet vine, wine, wax, plastic, dandelion, beta fish tail, lily, orchid, chrysanthemum grapes

Stone, resin, orchid, crow feather, wax, ink, glass, grasshopper

Dance in Life
Stone, resin, allysum, paper wasp, wax (left)
Limited edition photograph printed on canvas (right)

Limited edition photograph printed on canvas

The passion to create intrinsically,
not by anything material.
A creative drive that wakes you every morning.
You must observe every moment you have been given.
To keep it simple.
Artists have a crucial role in any society.
In 100 years, what will somebody say?
What would somebody say 100 years ago?
- Ben Timpson, Artist's Statement

Ben Timpson's
"Imago" is at Scoop Studios through October.
The gallery is located 57 1/2 Broad Street, Charleston, South Carolina 29401
Click here for more, or visit Ben's website here.

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