Painting in progress: encaustic and linen on panel.
You can see where I'd experimented with unpigmented wax over pigmented = fail. So I scraped that off, saving it for future use, and then began building layers of color. I ended up removing the top strip of fabric as well.
Here's the completed work below. I'm fascinated with the rawness and texture that encaustic lends to painting.
10 x 10 inches, yet to be titled....

I was out of town and away from the studio last week; I'm still working on another painting I posted, along with another. (I like to have at least two works in progress at any given time). As I become more familiar with this medium, I'll be able to pick up the pace.


Michele Fraichard said...

nice work stephanie! i love where the tools scrape the surface

Pam Farrell said...

congrats, stephanie! i really lie this piece, and if you hadn't said it was your first encaustic painting, i would never have known!