found abstract | no. 1

A paint spot on my studio floor...Perhaps I should call it a 'found painting'*.

Tracey, a research site for drawing and visualization, defines found drawings as "...by-products of other processes, organic forms or discarded materials - images arising by accident rather than from any conscious process." In a nutshell, a found drawing has characteristics of an actual drawing, but it's accidental- not actually intended as art. The found drawing is simply there but has qualities found in a real drawing, such as line and/or values, at the very least.

These images are not art just because someone calls them "found drawings". However, a photograph of a found drawing may be considered art.

*22 April 2012 UPDATE: I have given these images a more appropriate term.  All previously posted found drawings are now called found abstracts.


Michele Fraichard said...

There's so much 'accidental' art to be found randomly..is it art? I don't know..maybe just something of beauty. I think art requires a little more than just noticing a thing. I mean, maybe it sparks an idea, but does it stand on its own? trying to imagine an artist throwing away the actual piece, and only keeping whatever remnants were left..what would this represent? Don't get me wrong, I love process, but it seems we've become fragmented and much of our culture reflects this.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Such a provocative comment, Michele. I do agree.

It bothers me when someone says "That is art!" when they're referring to- say, good design, decoration, craft or a mass produced product never intending to call itself "art". As we know some purists go as far as saying that fine photography isn't art because it's technical and I usually disagree, although I can appreciate where they're coming from. (I believe you and I had a discussion earlier this year about fine photography...?)

So the term "found drawing", to me, is a loose description for something random that is aesthetically interesting or worth noting, that has a few elements of a drawing- but that's about it. It cannot be called art for the main reason that no one made it with that purpose. It can even be a crack in a building- completely random, interesting, perhaps, but nothing more- there's certainly no content.

I'd like to think I can utilize found drawings as inspiration, or the beginning spark of an idea for my own real art. Therein lies the interest in found drawings.

Also the term "found drawing" is one I use very loosely. It's actually a misnomer, isn't it? For now drawing was involved.

Also an excellent comment about the visualizing the artist throwing away his/her actual artwork, keeping only the remnants...What would remain? Only material for a new work. And perhaps inspiration for making that new work.

I'd love to read others' comments on this subject.

vincenthawkins said...

love this found drawing

david weir art said...

Very Tapies,
Enjoying your work

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

thanks. i'm starting to photograph more of these found "drawings"; they seem to be nearly everywhere- those spots of visual interest that usually go unnoticed.

david weir art,
much appreciated. i'm enjoying your paintings as well.

Anonymous said...

Thought I was the only one that appreciated this kind of art.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Yes- it seems there are many of us "out there" who appreciate such images. Thanks for your comment.