found abstract | no. 2

From the studio...
A green pastel crumbles and falls to the floor. The artist doesn't notice and steps on it.
The image it makes becomes Found Drawing 2*.
"Found drawing"- that's a misnomer, for no drawing was involved, and yet I can think of no other term for "images arising by accident rather than from any conscious process." (Quote from Tracey, an online drawing research tool.)

I have several new paintings completed. Everything is flowing, no sign of stopping. I'm focused, determined and obsessed. It's a great place to be.

UPDATE: I gave these images a more appropriate term as of April 2012.  All previously posted found drawings are now called found abstracts.


R. said...

Need to frame that photo! Art is wherever you find it. It is in our soul either consciously or unconsciously and in random acts of gravity LOL!

Style Odyssey said...

Well, I won't say it's art but I am enjoying finding mundane things to photograph that capture my eye; for they may become visual references for later.
Thanks for all your wonderful comments, my friend.

Pete Hoge said...

I enjoy texture studies
myself...they are everywhere
and we just have to frame them
with intentionality.

vincenthawkins said...

ditto "R" !

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Pete Hoge,
I know what you mean. Inspiration is where you look. Truly.

Thanks for commenting. I had a look at your website. Your paintings have such energy. It's interesting to see what you're doing with paper, also.