found abstract | no. 3 and 4

More found "drawings"* from the studio...finding beauty in the random, mundane elements encountered as I go about my day.

As mentioned before, I don't suggest these found drawing are art, because they aren't; neither are my photographs of them. It's important for me to clarify that. Found drawings are merely starting points for ideas, concepts, and such. For instance, how many times has an artist stumbled upon some object of interest and thought, "The colors of that (fill in the blank) are beautiful." Then the artist uses those colors in his/her work, consciously or subconsciously.

As it's been said many times: Inspiration is everywhere.

UPDATE: I gave these images a more appropriate term as of April 2012.  All previously posted found drawings are now called found abstracts.


Pete Hoge said...

for those of us who believe
in a higher power/creator we
know that there is only one
,"great artist".

By the way, thank you for your
comment on my photos.

Style Odyssey said...

Pete Hoge-
You're welcome. And as always, thanks for your comments.