New work: VERGE

2010, 10 x10 inches, encaustic on panel

To create this painting, I layered several very sheer colors- starting with a clear, rich burgundy hue- under a final thicker application of paint.
"Verge" has less texture than the others completed before it.

I had a bit of a breakthrough with this piece. I really can't explain it except to say that is where I fell in love with encaustic.


lisa said...

Nice Painting!!

That happens with encaustic

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

thanks. i now see what all the buzz was about! i kind of wish i'd discovered this wonderful medium years ago.

Ian MacLeod said...


Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Thank you, Ian.

Yolanda said...

I think your bravery has been rewarded. I love it.