I finally achieved the colors and layering I wanted for this painting. Now to further smooth the surface.....It's not finished.

With encaustic, I'm learning to let go a bit- to respect the inherent qualities of the medium. There's an element of controlled chaos- a concept that interests me greatly, and which I've used in my oil and acrylic paintings for many years. And now my newly chosen medium further supports this concept.

Back to the painting....I'll photograph and post upon completion.


lemondew2 said...

Is this your first completion of work in your new studio ? It does not have movement of color that I'm use to seeing in your other works.
It's ..... I'll look at it some more.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

hi lemondew2,
i see both your comments...this one is not complete as pictured. i've done some surface smoothing, and haven't quite finished it.
yes, i agree my newer work does not have those pops of color, or "movement" as you say. i purposely shifted my color direction when i left the caribbean. i was ready for a softer, subdued palette.
thank you for commenting- much appreciated.