I'm teaching with a creative arts center and they wanted a few of my encaustics to exhibit in the lobby, seen here. The area is quite spacious so I'll probably take them a few oil paintings to add to the other walls.
Because these walls are colored, the paintings' white sides really stand out. In a traditional white gallery space, however, the sides will be somewhat camouflaged, making them almost blend with the walls. That's the idea behind my decision to do white sides. As I mentioned in a previous post, I'd initially planned to varnish the bare wood for a natural appearance; however, I ended up not liking the results. Black paint was the next option but then I envisioned the paintings on stark white walls, and I liked that better.


Michele Fraichard said...

They look wonderful Stephanie! I'm partial to the one on the upper right. Surprisingly, the strongly painted wall doesn't seem clash with them.

cerulean said...

Looks all beautiful on the red wall!

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Michele- That one's called "Missing" and it was my very first encaustic.

(Gosh, I like your blog title!) Thank you. I was concerned the red walls would detract from or clash with the work. Michele is right- surprisingly, it doesn't seem to.

Pete Hoge said...

looks sharp.

understated from far away
but I know from your other
pictures that there is alot
of content on the surfaces.

R. said...

Look awesome against that wall. You have really been busy with your encaustic! So can encaustic be exaustic?? A pun from me of course! LOL

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Yes, viewed closer, one can certainly see more surface content, texture...

Yes, quite busy. Thanks as always for your friendship and support!