Sometimes when you take a photograph, unexpected elements appear in the image. While strolling in Georgetown, South Carolina, I spotted an antique typewriter in a shop window. Not realizing the window's reflection would show so prominently, I snapped a picture. The result is ghostly transparencies of objects, layered one over the other.

I wish everyone peaceful holidays. I've been on a studio break, taking time out to spend with family at Christmastime. I'll be back in the studio in a few days with more paintings to show here.


Michele Fraichard said...

very cool photo!

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Thanks. I keep coming back to that image. It's a reminder to me that paintings, photos, etc. don't always turn out as one imagines. In fact, often they're better. There's beauty to be found in the unexpected.

Pete Hoge said...

transparency in images
always attracts me...hope
you find more opportunities
to consciously exploit this

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Yes, I'll be looking for such opportunities. I am drawn to the ethereal quality of transparent imagery.