Lush encaustic paintings by Daniella Woolf...two of my favorites here:

"Totem", Daniella Woolf, from Conrad Wilde Gallery
Image source

Daniella Woolf's work is rich and luminous. See more at her website. She has a new instructional DVD available here, called "Encaustic With a Textile Sensibility". Doesn't the title sound appealing? I think so. It's on my list of supplies.

Rustic Blue, Daniella Woolf
Image source

I've been thinking a lot about encaustic, looking at the art of others who work in this mysterious medium; mysterious to me because I haven't yet tried it. I hesitate to order the supplies and start using heat in an already hot studio. And I don't wish to add to my inventory any large or heavy pieces that I'll probably have to ship overseas to our new destination. Therefore, my encaustic pursuits are on hold until after the big move- a lesson in patience. For now, I'm learning all I can about this intriguing medium.


COGNITIONS inspiration

A cactus' spiky patterns provide visual input for a new Cognitions pen drawing. See completed works from the series here.



Spring Bay at Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

More and more, my work is informed by water- sea water and rain. (It's fitting that I was born under the Pisces sign.) A fascination with this element has been a constant throughout my life. As a child, I was fearful. Much to my father's dismay (although he was a patient teacher), it took years to learn to swim.

As a young adult, I lived in swampy south Louisiana; I endured a few floods- one which caused extensive damage to home and property. I've waded through those murky flood waters, fearful of what I'd find lurking where water wasn't supposed to go. I'll never forget the smell left behind by standing water inside our house. For months afterward, every thunderstorm caused anxiety, as I checked for rising water, prepared for another deluge.

A few years later, we moved to the Caribbean, where I've swam and scuba-dived in clear aquamarine waters. I've been sailing offshore many times, out of sight of land for days, where the navy blue sea is thousands of feet deep. I've experienced frightening sea conditions as my husband and I anxiously sailed into port as a hurricane approached.

And now as we plan to leave our little island, moving to another coastal area, I find that water themes appear more prominently in my work than ever.



Photo taken on Boxing Day, Norman Island, BVI...

Tonight I'll be attending Hollywood Art and Cultural Center's opening reception for three shows: Doug Crocco's "Entropy", a Balbone-Martinez collaboration "Speaking in Parables Will Get You Nowhere in this Crowd", and Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez's "Them and Us". Find out more here.



Photo by Jonathan Clayton
Another turquoise that's more blue than green...
That jellyfish from my previous post is located at the lower right.



I have a few more turquoise water photos. Obviously these are more sky blue than turquoise but I had to post them.

A huge jellyfish we encountered in North Sound, Virgin Gorda...

Beautiful and mysterious. Glad to see this creature from the boat and not while swimming!



Latest piece from the Deluge series on black paper:
Deluge #2, 2010, 12 x 9 inches, pencil and gouache



Another one...
Almost all of these turquoise water photos were taken at a Jost Van Dyke beach, in the British Virgin Islands- my home, my "backyard".

I arrived in south Florida last night to chilly weather. It's a welcome, slight change of climate, coming from the tropical warmth to cooler temperatures. I've grown bored with twelve years of perpetual summer, so I enjoy the chill, as long as it's not TOO cold.

While I'm here in Florida, I'll continue with the Fluidity Aqua gouache series after a visit to Pearl Art Supply later this week.



Fluidity- Aqua #9, 14 x 11 inches, gouache and watercolor on paper...My first work of 2010, in which I incorporate turquoise into the gray Fluidity series.

I leave on a trip to Florida next Tuesday, and will continue working on the Fluidity and Cognitions series during my time there. I was a bit disappointed to find few art events scheduled around south Florida in mid/late January; there are usually more. Miami Art Museum does, however, have some new exhibits, which are on my list to see.



Underwater photo, out of focus...taken while swimming at Jost Van Dyke, BVI. This is my favorite turquoise image of all the ones I've collected.

In a previous post, I mentioned change is on my radar for 2010: I'm very excited to report that we (my husband, pets and I) are in the early stages of planning a move to Charleston, South Carolina in the next few months- long overdue and much anticipated. So yes, we are leaving the Caribbean for greener pastures. At this stage in life, we both need more opportunities for personal and professional growth than a small island can provide. This move will afford me a fuller, more enriching art experience. The chance to be involved in a vibrant community which supports the arts is something I've desired for a long time.

Why Charleston, when we could theoretically move anywhere? This city seems to satisfy most of our needs in order that we can thrive, be productive, give back. However, we will still be coming to this island on a limited basis, as my husband will retain work connections here. So it's really the best of both worlds; I'm still pinching myself in disbelief.

Twelve years on a small Caribbean island is long enough. I am ready for the next adventure. More details to come...



Sparkling aquamarine sea under the shimmering sun: the fifth unedited photo in my series of turquoise water imagery. This luscious color informs a new group of gouache paintings I'm beginning this month.

In other news: I'm planning a trip to Florida also this month. I head to the mainland whenever possible; it's often a necessary part of island life to avoid the dreaded "rock fever". As an artist, the desire to escape, refresh, and receive input is particularly strong. Having the opportunity to attend lectures, shop for supplies, visit galleries, and commune with the art world is a vital part of my career.

While in Florida, I'll continue blogging, and working on the new gouaches which will incorporate the color turquoise.



I realize I've been posting a lot of photos and no new paintings or drawings lately. I do have a few works in progress, which all but ceased during the holidays. We had family visiting and decided to take time off to be with them and enjoy the festivities of the season. And now it's 2010 and I'm ready to get back to the studio.

Change is definitely on my horizon. I anticipate exciting career opportunities around the corner, which I will post about in due time.

I wish each of you peace, health, creativity and prosperity in 2010!