found abstract | no. 8

found abstract no. 8

I'm drawn to contrasts and visual tension, especially when those elements are balanced with stillness.
I recently realized that I subconsciously look for linear qualities. More often my eye "finds" straight lines in architecture, rather than meandering lines found in nature (although those natural lines and patterns are no less appealing). Perhaps this is to mentally establish a sense of order amidst randomness or chaos.
I snapped this photograph of a wood deck during snowfall. There's order and rigidity in the straight lines of the planks, tempered by randomness (visual chaos) of snow and dog's paw prints. Therein lies the balance.


Yvonne said...

What a unique perspective! I never would have thought of it that way but I totally get it. I like the way you see things!

stephanie clayton said...

The past couple of years, I've dug deep, evaluating my creative process, inspiration, and direction; and often I'll include those findings and musings here. I'm relieved to know they make some sense!

plasticanimal said...

What a striking image! I'm finding myself more and more drawn to the nuts and bolts of an image and I really like the way you've parsed this one.

Pete Hoge said...

with a camera I isolate
images from surface textures
and create the order via
the tyranny of the square.

Did you crop that image
specifically?....or just go
with your initial framing
via the snapshot?

stephanie clayton said...

"the nuts and bolts of an image", yes...me, too. :)

Good question. I cropped the image after taking the photo.