found abstract | no. 9

For reasons I can't put my finger on, this image barely qualifies as a found drawing*. Perhaps "found painting" is more appropriate. Nevertheless, I'm continuing with the linear theme from Monday's post.

I enjoy the subtleties of grey, and the way shadows in sand (and in snow) read as almost blue. I've been using a lot of greys in my encaustic work, and plan to continue with that until the ideas play out.

*UPDATE: I gave these images a more appropriate term as of April 2012.  All previously posted found drawings are now called found abstracts.


Pete Hoge said...

I like what you say about
shadows ,"reading", as blue.

That tells us about the
nature of reality as in
constant flux, because color
is so relative.

Also that we can, " read",
the world because it is
composed of many languages.

So abstraction becomes a
paraphrasing of an original
text just as well as those
forms that are representational.


stephanie clayton said...

Yes, color is relative since it's really just light. I always remind myself that...
I enjoy your comments about abstraction. Thank you.

david weir art said...

Any picture of the beach and im there.
the movement of footprints,and i love to go and think at the beach, great place to DREAM.

Pete Hoge said...

thanks for indulging me,
I can be a bit flowery in
my comments.



Style Odyssey said...

i feel the same. i especially love a beach in the winter (when this photo was taken- about a week ago). something about the vast emptiness is conducive to thinking, dreaming...nothing but sand, sea, sky, and one's thoughts.