From the studio...first painting of 2011
Equilibrium, 10 x 10 inches, encaustic on panel


Pete Hoge said...

I don't readily respond to
green all that well but the
surface activity of this
image allows me to look at

I always respond to an image
which represents the flux
state of matter and spirit.

I also see light represented
here, which triggers interest
from our sensory systems.

The word, "archetypal", comes
to mind when I see your work,
and that corresponds to the
previous comment I made about
your shapes being ,"glyphic".

Forgive me If I say too much,
I am actually not a fan of
long winded artist statements
or catalog/exhibition essays.



Yvonne said...

The more I look at this painting - the more I see. I am not an artist in the true sense of the word but I can at least appreciate it. First - it seemed like a pool of blue, now it evokes for me the feeling of looking through a skylight. I really like the texture and shadows as well.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

I didn't find your comment long-winded at all, on the contrary. I think I get what you mean about "archetypal", and I understand the glyphic reference; I like that the work may have those associations.

Thanks for finding my work; that was fast!
If the painting were in different colors, would you still get the feeling of looking through a skylight? (Rhetorical question. Or not.) This is a reason why I love color.