An incomplete painting in three stages...I meant to photograph another step but got busy painting and forgot.
The dots are where bubbled formed. They've since all but disappeared during fusing and layering.
The light colored shape was intended to be taupe but I'm satisfied with grey.
Next I want to re-establish some of the original softness and drips. As always, I'll post the finished product.


Michele Fraichard said...

since i know nothing about how encaustics work, i enjoy seeing your process.. it reminds me of some plaster work i used to do with a trowel, showing the layers underneath, i LOVE the marks from the palette knife and the imperfections!

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Isn't the palette knife a great tool! I have a wide assortment accumulated over the years but I don't use them as much with encaustic.
Imperfections...yes, I love them, too. They purposely factor into my work. It's like this: "I'm human, therefore I'm imperfect and so is my art." (Perfectly imperfect?)