found abstract | no. 11

found abstract no. 11

Perhaps because I'm working with muddied, neutral hues (or maybe because it's winter and most days are grey), I've been thinking about taupe, grey and beige- and as always, structure, decay and transience.


Martha Marshall said...

I am so with you, Stephanie. Winter challenges us to look for the beauty in subtlety.

Love these textures!

david weir art said...

Hi Stephanie,
I think you have some yummy photos up your sleeve,
enjoying your paintings and have seen Elizabeths blog review very nice,stay focused on the grey cloudy days.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

True. That's the thing I like most about winter. It forces introspection and reflection on subtle beauty.

Often it is easier to focus when the weather's not "nice". I fix a cup of tea, and I'm off to the studio to create.
Thanks for your comment.

plasticanimal said...

I agree with David, you do have some rather yummy photos up your sleeve.

And I love the winter colors too, I want to wrap myself in the greys, browns and the lovely straw colors I'm seeing.