found abstract | no. 12

found abstract no. 12

Wabi-sabi in nature...Striations, lichen...The effects of time on wood or stone.  (The photograph was taken near Gatlinburg, Tennessee, on a woodland hike.  I honestly can't remember if this is wood or stone, although I'm inclined to say it's wood.)


Pete Hoge said...

when I learned a thing or 2
about, "wabi sabi", I also
finally has some insight into

And then I could truly see it's
value and work with it.


Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Same here. I've been "studying" the Japanese wabi sabi aesthetic (I use the term "studying" loosely). It's given me a deeper understanding of my creative process and direction.

plasticanimal said...

Another very cool photo!

I especially like the beauty of the ordinary things around us. Things we don't see and take for granted.

A good post, making me think more about my own aesthetic in the world that I move in.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Your new blog, Industrial Strength, is a reflection of appreciating beauty in the ordinary. In our culture, we do take so much for granted. It's difficult in this age of technology and speed, to slow down and really look. However, I think there's a movement in this direction, to find beauty in the everyday, especially in nature.