found abstract | no. 13

found abstract no. 13
I won't even suggest anyone attempt to guess what this is.  It's a reflection of the interior of a submarine replica.  I was intrigued by the curved lines, the rust, and the industrial-ness.

Again this week, I'm reducing my posts to two.  Next post will be on Thursday.  As always, thank you for the insightful, intelligent comments.


Miki Ohno said...

I really like and respect your attempt to capture these miracle spots. It's also been my habit to frame the parts look like drawings or paintings but just kept in my mind, being too lazy. I've been thinking that taking photos and showing them seems to be a kind of mission which must be fulfilled by hard working artists like you. There are treasure hidden everywhere around us and I appreciate them as well as finders. Thank you for sharing.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

I've been noticing and photographing these found "drawings" (or, "paintings") for a while. I suppose it began when I still lived in the Caribbean, and would go around taking close-up photos of the turquoise water. From there, I started a photo series of these images I'd collected, and I began posting them on this blog.
Such images serve as direct inspiration, or simply as starting points for ideas.
True- there are hidden treasures everywhere; we only have to look.

plasticanimal said...

You know I love that image. There's something so compelling about industrial images, an arresting combination of scale, the wonderful textures that build up on the machinery over time and of course how sculptural so many of the machines are. I'm wanting to go photograph a junkyard with a car crushing machine here soon.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

You should definitely do that!
One of the compelling things about industrial imagery is it almost tells a story through "the wonderful textures that build up on the machinery over time", as you said.