found abstract | no. 14

found abstract no. 14  
Graffiti on old wood from a cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee...Apologies for a slightly blurred image.

I admire weathered grey wood, perhaps because it reminds me of driftwood, which reminds me of the beach, which naturally reminds me of the sea.  Perhaps that's a stretch but this is how my mind works sometimes when I'm in the studio.  One concept or thought leads to another, and another, and...


plasticanimal said...

I see why you like this image. The subtle gradations of color and the graffiti has an almost hieroglyphic feel to it.

Add the cave-like feel and the photo evokes coming across an ancient mystery.

stephanie clayton said...


I see that, too.

This photo feeds the imagination in ways the original site doesn't. What I mean is that I didn't think of glyphs and mystery when taking the photo; at that time, it was about weathered wood and line. However, a photo removed from the actual subject often becomes something completely different in the mind's eye.

Fascinating observation; thank you.