Another work started recently...I'll post the completed painting next week.
I'm trying to get more translucency in layers of paint, which means using a lot of encaustic medium and much less pigment.  I sometimes underestimate how much medium I'll need, and end up going back to the art supply store for more, before I run low on other supplies.  The learning process never stops.


Michele Fraichard said...

I like being able to see all the way through to the first layer and all it's imperfections..is it possible to keep that visible after more layers? It's really a wonderful medium that I'd love to try one day - I enjoy seeing your progress and as always, looking forward to the final result.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Yes, it is possible. In most of my paintings, you can see through to the first layer- either all over, or in areas. It's harder to tell in photographs, of course.
To achieve this, it's best to use colors that have a high transparency (such as Pthalo Green) and to increase the ratio of the encaustic medium to pigment.

Miki Ohno said...

Hello from Japan. I've just started blogger recently and feeling lucky to hit your site.
Especially, your blue work in progress fascinated me and eager to see the result.
I like the textures, and color compositions in your other works as well.
Hope you don't mind me adding your site to my favorite lists.
Thank you for sharing.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Why no, I don't mind at all! Thanks for your nice comment, much appreciated. I'll check out your blog in a moment...
This painting is complete now, and I'll be posting it on Wednesday.