found abstract | no. 15

no. 15
Owl feathers

I'm still looking at textures, neutral hues and linear qualities.   Although unlike in my other recent found drawings (rusty metal and weathered wood), there's little or no sense of wabi-sabi in this image.  Or am I wrong?


www.kunsthafen.blogspot.com said...

Nice photo, - thank you for sharing!

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

david weir art said...

Bird Feathers are special they carry the spirit of the past, the Dreamtime.

Michele Fraichard said...

Beautiful..ever since my sweat lodge experience, feathers carry messages to me on the wind, I love them. (remember my pelican bones?)

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

I'm glad you shared that! Feathers are special to me because I love birds and bird symbolism.
I knew that Dreamtime references Aboriginal Australian spirituality/Creation but didn't realize the significance of bird feathers.

Your pelican bones, yes! You'll have to tell me about your sweat lodge experience...unless you're talking about your Tortola apartment. (I don't remember it being hot in there, though. Not compared to my sauna/studio!)

Michele Fraichard said...

he he..nothing to do with Tortola. Went in summer of 2009, a powerful experience. Not long after, the firekeeper (Eagle Bear) emailed a story about a heron. Funny thing was I found the feather before I received the email & this has happened every time I receive a message from him-some sort of 'gift' be it an animal totem, feathers or bones appears. I've forwarded the story to you.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Thanks, I'll go check out your story. It sounds utterly fascinating!

jsmn said...

really nice work

plasticanimal said...

How apropos, I had a dream about a Great Horned Owl last night. It flew up behind me and it was huge!

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