found abstract | no. 16

no. 16
Detail of an old tugboat and water

This image has me revisiting the idea of using olive green in future work.  

Also I'm seriously considering calling these images found paintings.  Thoughts?  UPDATE: I gave these images a more appropriate term as of April 2012.  All previously posted found drawings are now called found abstracts.


Pete Hoge said...

yeah I like, "found paintings".

...in your answer to your comment
to my previous comment:

Yes I struggled with paint as a
substance and had to admit that
I did not like it, though I don't
try and make others give it up.

I was able to work with it even
though I was cringing inside. I
don't know why I ignored my
feelings and got a degree in
Fine Arts, concentrating on

My schoolmates though I was an
awful painter and did not belong
there with them...they were in
the right to some extent, though
I graduated fair and square just
like some of them did.

I was a dumb 19 year old.

Happened for a reason I guess.


Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...


Yes, I would think that happened for a reason. Sometimes we're compelled to try a medium (or a direction) for a while, only to realize it's not our "thing". Who knows why- it's part of growing into one's art, finding one's place, I guess. Thanks for sharing your experience.

I'm still on the fence about found painting vs. found drawing. Leaning towards "painting", though. I appreciate your input.