I'm taking a short break from encaustic work while creating a new series of small drawings.  I haven't titled this one yet.  
As a painter, it's satisfying to work with paper, pastels and other drawing materials from time to time.
Artists: do you ever take a break from your usual medium to work with other materials?  I used to never do this.  However, I find now it helps me develop new ideas for my "main" medium of painting.


Ian MacLeod said...

this is fantastic Stephanie.

www.kunsthafen.blogspot.com said...

Don´t think about what are you doing. Just do it! :)
I like it.

davidtmiller said...

I like this very much! Do a lot of them for us to see.

Jann Gougeon said...

I took a BIG break from oil on canvas. Taught myself encaustic. LOVED that, but, with reading about transporting encaustic paintings outside of my state, it needed climate controlled shipping, I turned to acrylic and mixed medium. My next will be cold wax & oil.
And I will go back to encaustic, as I love it! Although drawing may be enticing me back there. Have never done abstract drawing.

Pete Hoge said...

I admire your handling of
simple forms...I need alot
of complexity in my work.,
so minimalist strategies are
outside of my range.

I am so deep into working
with digital software and
it's results that my
medium really does not

I have an OCD thing with
paint; I never liked the feel
of it on my hands nor do I
like the smell.

I don't know how I got a
degree in painting!.

Digital tools are so clean
for me, and I can work
much faster as well.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Thanks, all.

You are right on the mark: with this drawing/collage series I want to just go with it and without involving too much planning and forethought.

that's the idea- more to come!

Climate control...yeah. That is a concern with encaustic. I'm about to move my art across country (more on that in an upcoming post). Fortunately it's not hot yet but the paintings will be in climate control.
I've worked with cold wax medium and oil. I think you will love the effect.

One thing I love about oil paint is the smell! And I don't mind the potential for messiness at all (although encaustic is "cleaner"). Your comment reminded me of a high-school student I had who dreaded getting any art materials on his hands or clothing. (I suggested he wear an old tee, and ditch the shirt and tie for painting class! He never did.)