From the studio...the second of a new series of small works on paper (yet untitled).
Collage and pastel on paper

I'm still working out a name for this new series.  "Untitled" doesn't do it for me.  It makes the work seem incomplete.  

My mission with this series is to trigger possibilities and ideas for my work in encaustic.  I aim for freedom in drawing and collage- an immediacy in mark-making, eventually incorporating automatic drawing along with intentional drawing.  I resist the urge to plan these pieces.  I want them to flow, to simply become.

I keep going back to the color turquoise.  I'm not consciously trying to use the color.  It's not part of any plan.  It simply happens.  This milky blue-green is such a part of my life experience and psyche. 

Things are a bit hectic in the studio these days.  My family and I are in the throes of packing.  My husband has accepted a great new job but it's in south Texas and we must move.  We are sad to leave Charleston (especially so soon after arriving) but excited about new opportunities for both of us professionally.  Because we love Charleston and arrived with dreams and intentions, we will return to live here as soon as possible.  In the meantime, there are other things to be accomplished first.  Charleston will remain the amazing place we have grown to cherish.  It will be here to welcome us when we come home.

This is my last post for March.  In April, I'll return to blogging with a new studio, found "drawings" (or "paintings"?) and much more art.


Pete Hoge said...

Perhaps the south Texas light
will influence your work.

Hope it is an environment which
is beneficial for creativty?

May your family be blessed.

plasticanimal said...

I'm glad you keep coming back to turquoise! I know there are shapes and colors that come from deep within me and that they must come out.

If you come anywhere close to Dallas/Fort Worth, let us know and we will meet!

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

I'm thinking that too, about the south TX light. I remember it influenced my work before, when I was an art student living there. The light is quite like here in the South Carolina Lowcountry.
Thanks for your kind words!

We often hold within ourselves certain things that won't leave us alone (which is good, creatively speaking). These things- whatever they may be- need to be manifested in some creative way.
I'm sorry to say that Dallas is not on the way, since we'll be far south of there. However, if/when I plan to be in Dallas/Ft Worth, we can meet up!

Elizabeth Sheppell said...

Love this paper piece! It's a gem. Safe travels to Texas. You will have lots of inspiration on your travels to a new home. Looking forward in your upcoming posts when you get set up in your new studio. How exciting!

stephanie clayton said...

anThank you! I'm eager to get moved into a new studio and pick up where I left off with this drawing series and the encaustics.

Michele Fraichard said...

i missed this one...love the dramatic colors!

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

I think the combination of rich color, black, and simple composition make for a dramatic piece of work. Thanks for your comment!