found abstract | no. 18

I found this "drawing"at Dellinger's Grist Mill in Bakersville, North Carolina.
I find rusty metal beautiful.
*wabi sabi*


plasticanimal said...

Rusty metal is the BEST!

Pete Hoge said...

the idea of, "drawing",
has really expanded to
include so many different
mediums and concepts
that I think your foto
is for sure a,"drawing".


In art school a guy made
a pile of empty water
cooler jugs and used it
for his junior thesis

It occurred to me later
that he was, "drawing".

I think drawing is just
making a selection or a
choice in regards to
visual elements.If I am
saying nothing new then
forgive me for clogging
your comment bar!


Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

yes indeed! i remember you're a fan of rusty metal, too.

you always have something pertinent to say- you're not clogging up the comment bar! :)
clearly, i never changed these images to "found paintings". so i appreciate your comment on what drawing means. what you're saying is new, to me, anyway.
found drawing, painting...i don't suppose it matters really. i can be a bit rigid in what i deem to be appropriate descriptions, hence my ongoing musings on whether these ought to be called drawings or paintings.