found abstract | no. 20

Continuing with my fascination with rusty metal...
Another image from Dellinger's Mill in Bakersville, North Carolina

My Aunt Frances and her husband Bruce live just up the road from Dellinger's Mill.  Bruce helps the owner Jack sometimes, and they currently have the mill running.  Bruce called this morning to tell me that he's sending us two bags of freshly ground grits!


plasticanimal said...

I love it, the rust and the juxtaposition of different textures!

Pete Hoge said...

I wonder if that might
show up your painting:
not so much the rust, but
perhaps some forms which
are smaller in scale.

The line of bolts has some

It's odd how inanimate forms
remind us of something which
is ,"personal".

More reason for abstractions
to be representational.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

with rust, it's all about texture and subtle coloration. even though this image isn't from texas, i've been thinking a lot about worn surfaces, rugged landscapes, wide open spaces, and rust(!) since i moved to texas.

i'm thinking that, too- some of these forms, or the idea of the forms, might show up in my work. maybe they have, and i just don't recognize them as such.