New work: DEJA VU

Deja Vu
2011, 10 x 10 inches, encaustic on panel

See it in progress here.


Pete Hoge said...

I like it when positive
shapes/spaces are echoed
in background or negative


Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

I suppose it's due to orange and pink being in the same color family. I assume that's what you mean anyway.
When I reflect on my work, I notice instead that there's usually a different tendency: use of contrasting/complementary color instead of analogous color. But as noted, I think I'm coming around to using harmonious (related) colors more. Perhaps it's too soon to tell, though.

Pete Hoge said...

I am color illiterate
but I get what you mean.

I am also color blind so
red, brown and green look
the same most of the time,
though blue and purple
are distinct.

"cold", and "warm", colors
are distinct as well.

So I guess orange and pink
are in the, "warm", family?

I have a degree in painting
but do not know anything
about color theory.

It's embarrassing.

Like going to MIT for chemistry
and not being able to tell
someone what a molecule is.


I think I was referring
to the shape itself...which
seemed to be echoed in the

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...


Oh, I see it now! The shape/positive space of the orange does seem to appear in the negative space (just below the orange)...it's sort of a ghost image.

So you are colorblind- very interesting for an artist. I believe Monet lost so much of his vision in his later years that he had a hard time with green and red. I've seen his late works from Giverny, and he used a lot of dark greens and reds, and the paintings were borderline abstractions of his beloved gardens...I wonder what the paintings would appear like, had he had the vision of his younger years.

Pamela Farrell said...


Debu Barve said...

I was really waiting to see the result after your last week's post. let me tell you that it looks great! I feel that there is a great sense of depth now. Congrats!

plasticanimal said...

Love it! I also enjoy how the oranges and pinks echo off of each other.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Thank you, Pam.

PlasticAnimal, I don't work with pink much; trying to change that. :)

Debu, I appreciate that feedback! A sense of optical/visual depth is important to my encaustic work. It's one reason I started working in this wonderful medium.