Almost complete...See two previous stages here.
This painting has strayed from its original intent.  For one thing, the color scheme was to be burnt orange and pale grey-blue.  However, I wasn't satisfied with the lack of depth, and the relationship between the orange and grey-blue didn't mesh like I'd intended.  So I glazed the whole painting with a warm beige.  All that's needed is to work in more beige to solidify it; not an easy task, for the beige must be very sheer to avoid obliterating the soft grey-blue underneath.

I'll talk more about this painting's content next week.  I'm working on some other pieces at the moment as well; I'll post photos of those soon.


david weir art said...

Hi Stephanie, just checked out your website and really like seeing the works on the one page. Which is the way I see your work as the paintings all link together for me as one work.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

thank you! i appreciate your opinion. i've very pleased w/ other people's pixels website layout.