"TateShots" video of Callum Innes in his Edinburgh studio...
Innes demonstrates how he uses watercolor to paint reductively and subtractively.  I've always shied away from this medium; for one thing, it doesn't have physicality, tactility, flow, scent or visual weight of oils and encaustics- my preferred media.  However, I appreciate watercolor for what it is but especially for its luminosity.

The thing is, I like the idea of having a "side" body of works on paper- I did a few gouache series a couple of years ago.  More recently I experimented with collage but that proved somewhat unfulfilling, although I wasn't sure why.  Perhaps it's time to try the age-old medium of watercolor.  Or watercolor collage.  Endless possibilities.

*Found Drawing Monday will resume when I find the camera I used in the last photo shoot!


plasticanimal said...

I LOVE watercolors! I love the subtlety of the colors and how you can easily add or take away and how you can really play with light.

Working in watercolors reminds me of photography in many ways.

Pete Hoge said...

I like the way he works
and how his studio is
set up but some paintings
or images like that can
only be seen in person.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

i'm starting to have an appreciation and interest in watercolors myself. it used to bother me that they aren't correctable; once a stroke or mark is made, it's there- as opposed to oil paint, which is more workable. but perhaps that's part the beauty of watercolor; you have to have confidence to use it and willingness to "let go" and let it be watercolor. i can deal with that! i'm inspired by this medium now, ready to try it again.

true- it is hard to fully appreciate any work of art without experiencing it in person. the next best thing is a video, imo.