I enjoy documenting the process of my work.  Here's a painting I completed this summer.  I remembered to photograph the earlier stages, as shown here.  Finished piece is the last photo.
Establishing the foundation colors....This image is from a prior post.

Softening the orange with a milky blue hue...
 Adding blues and re-establishing some of the orange...

Close-up to show detail:
 After this, I forgot to photograph a few later stages because I got so involved in painting.  At one stage, I thought the painting was finished.  It had came together nicely but I refused to be satisfied with such a vibrant palette.  It was too...expected.  Bright orange, bright blue.  Something had to give.  I lightened and softened the colors, layer by layer; I also found the painting was asking for more texture, so I went with it.

And finally...
24 x 12 inches, encaustic on panel


Gary J. Noland Jr. said...

Beautiful painting!

Pete Hoge said...

Do you intentionally work like
the "old masters" did...in terms
of building up layers?

I like the images.

Debu Barve said...

I love your Process Stephanie...I Love to spend hours,days..sometimes weeks with my canvas and kind of constructing my artwork.It creates emotional bond with work and it reflects in the end result I feel. I simply loved your final work, initial layers which are gone underneath may not be visible but they exist.:)

Miki Ohno said...

I haven't realized how encaustic gives such fascinating texture until viewing your blog. At the last part of the process above, it looks as if encaustic covered intentional human strokes with moderate touch given from the nature. The final image tempts me to touch the surface. I also like the subtle color composition which looks kind of cool and delicious to me.

Elizabeth Sheppell said...

I like all of the stages...very nice piece Stephanie!

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Gary, thank you.

Pete, I don't intentionally work like the old masters. I simply like colors to resonate with an inner life, so to speak, and I like visual depth that is achieved through building layers. Flat color doesn't jibe with me, so I layer...and layer.

Beautifully said, and thank you! "Constructing" artwork- I suppose I love that, too. And yes, some of the layers of my work almost (or totally) disappear but the fact that they're there gives further meaning to process and final outcome.

I believe you might enjoy working in encaustic, due to the textures and translucency which can be achieved in this wonderful medium. I liked reading your reaction to this painting, so thank you kindly.

Much appreciated. I do wish I'd remembered to photograph more of the process; I get so involved in the act of painting...You know how it is!

Sue said...

Lovely encaustic artwork, great colours, and thanks for sharing the artmaking process!