I'm back from a magical week in Old Montreal, and I wanted to share some of my memories in pictures, starting with the amazing architecture.
Saint James United Church on Rue Sainte-Catherine

Bank of Montreal, across from Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal.

I spotted a few buildings around the city with this shape- long skinny rectangle with curved corners.

 I discovered that this cubed attachment is a bank safe.  

I appreciated the striking contrasts in Montreal's various architecture.  Gothic Revival, Victorian, Art Deco, Modern, and Post-Modern styles can be found around downtown.

I took a lot of photographs, which I'm organizing into categories for this blog.  Next up is Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal, facade below.


ggshoe said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing : )

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

thanks. i took over 100 photos, could have easier taken a thousand!

Christine said...

Love those skinny buildings with curved ends!

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

I like them, too. I could swear I've seen such in Charleston (or maybe it's my imagination). Does this style of building exist there?

plasticanimal said...

How cool! I like the weird skinny buildings too. Looking forward to seeing more of the photos, I hear Montreal is a beautiful city.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Yes, Montreal is very beautiful. I was impressed by how clean and green (literally) it was. The government and citizens obviously take pride in their surroundings, which to me, says a lot about a culture.