More from my summer Abstract Expressionism workshop at Art Center of Corpus Christi...
Each week during a two-month period, we explored a different artist's philosophy, painting style and technique.
Barnett Newman (Color Field)...
Laura and Cara working diligently on their Zip paintings.

Inspired by Clifford Still, a painting nears completion.

Another Color Field painting in progress, inspired by Clyfford Still...

I am continuing the workshop series this month at the Art Center.  Artists featured:  Agnes Martin (a personal favorite), Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline and Hans Hoffman.


plasticanimal said...

Good for you for teaching the class! Looks like they were having fun!

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

They seemed to really enjoy this type of class, yes.
I wanted to create a class that went beyond technique and representational painting.
My future plan is to offer other "styles" of abstract painting with a focus on contemporary non-representational/abstract.

Pete Hoge said...

That's 2 more people who can
respond to abstraction so I
like to see worskshops like

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Yes, two more plus others in the July class (not featured in this post).
The workshop has been successful on many levels. I will offer it for at least one more month this fall.