I posted this painting in progress on Monday.  It's now complete:
12 x 9 inches, encaustic on panel

Pink is a compelling color with which to work.  I intended a soft grey for the lower portion but it didn't resonate well with the bright pink field at the top.  Instead, the painting asked for another pink tint over grey; I went with that.


Pete Hoge said...

There is just something about
an edge between 2 color fields
which creates "energy" and
gives a painting life.

In the bottom right hand corner
is an interruption in the lower
color field and that makes
the painting more interesting.,
or atleast more active.

Dig it.

Allison Reece said...

Fabulous painting, Stephanie!
Allison Reece/Artist

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...


I agree: an edge creates energy. And if that edge is a horizontal orientation, as here, there's a restfulness with that energy, creating a little tension/contrast.

Many thanks!

plasticanimal said...

I love this one! And I agree with Pete, that line does give the painting a cool energy and tension.

This is one of my favorites so far!

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

"...a cool energy and tension", I like the way you describe it.
Many thanks.

Meta Musings said...

just perfect!