found abstract | no. 26

Found Drawing (updated: Found Abstract ) no. 26.  Pleasing patterns in nature.  
These are fern leaves from one of our many hikes through Sage Mountain Natural Park (Tortola, British Virgin Islands)...A great place to be among nature.
Many years ago, I pressed these fern leaves in the pages of a treasured book.
I'll feature the book in an upcoming post.


plasticanimal said...

I love love love this image! The soft textures and subtle colors are divine! The composition is simple yet very complex all at once. Love!

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Well, thank you! My camera is amazing- helping me to capture texture, color and 3-dimensionality just the way I intended.
I happen to really like ferns; these leaves are special because of where I found them (rainforest in my former "backyard") and where I've kept them (a very special book).

Diane McGregor said...

Great photo, Stephanie. Lovely composition.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Thanks, Diane.