More new work completed recently...
2011, 8 x 8 inches, encaustic on panel

After years of painting relatively large- 40 x 40 inch canvases, for instance- I never imagined I'd be using such small formats as 8 x 8" panels but I find it rather gratifying.  I can stand right over the painting as I'm working.  It's an intimate scale- close, personal; and from a practical standpoint, more manageable to store, hang and move.
Encaustic art is best experienced at close range in order that the textures and subtle waxy nuances may be appreciated.


Diane McGregor said...

I like this piece, Stephanie. The small scale would give it an intimate relationship with the viewer. I can imagine you working on it close up, so that your connection with the work changes as well.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

That is my aim, yes. And thank you!