encountering encaustics workshop - part 2

Encountering Encaustics workshop at Art Center of Corpus Christi, taught by artist and author Michelle Belto - Two of my experimental paintings shown here, each in three stages.  Photos taken with iPhone.

First painting - I smeared a bit of magenta oil stick, drew with dry pastel and alcohol-based permanent marker, and embedded black lines of paint.  Finally I enhanced areas by rubbing embossing powder onto the surface with my fingers; it is hard to see the silvery sheen in this photograph but it is there.

Second painting - I made an under painting, building upon multiple layers for some height.  Next I applied a layer of white, then yellow.  After that, I scraped back to reveal the colors underneath.  Scraping takes plenty of "elbow grease", I remembered.  Later, I used red carbon paper to add a few swirls. 

I plan to utilize some of these techniques and materials for future encaustic work.  So please stay tuned.


Michele Fraichard said...

I really like these Steph, especially the organic, accidental qualities.

Barbie said...

Very cool. Looks like something you might see under a magniscope.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Organic is quite the appropriate term for these! It was liberating to allow myself to work this way without a "plan". As more materials and techniques were explained, I was able to continue working on existing pieces, in addition to starting new ones.

I see that quality, yes. It's probably because of the drips and softly blurred edges of some areas.

Angela Wales Rockett said...

Love the purple ones!