texas life | san antonio museum of art: helen frankenthaler

 Another great painting at San Antonio Museum of Art's contemporary gallery:
Helen Frankenthaler's "Eden, Revisited" and detail, 1967-76, acrylic on canvas

For me, as a picture develops, color always comes out of drawing.  I never start out only with color.  I start out as a spacemaker on a flat thing with four corners.  But color is the first message of the picture plane.  From there, it takes places as scale and drawing.  Color is also extremely important to my 'process'.  It's born out of idea, mood, luck, imagination, risk, into what might be ugly: then I let it tell me what might/should be used next, until I get the light and order that satisfies to perfection.  The result is color and space and, I hope, a beautiful message.

- Helen Frankenthaler

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