guess who

Detail of a painting by ____ at San Antonio Museum of Art. The museum allows flash-less photography (their permanent collections); how nice is that!
Can you guess the artist?  Revealing soon...


Pete Hoge said...

Richard Diebenkorn?

I have not been around as you may have noticed but I remembered your
work from time to time and wanted to see updated posts.

I did not work for a long time but I am doing video once again. 2d images don't interest me anymore in terms of my own work so I don't have a blogspot.

I caught up on your posts and it looks like you have not ceased to stoke the creative flow of your mind.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Hello again! Yes, I noticed you don't have a blogspot now but perhaps we will see your work again soon - video this time, although I found your 2D images very intriguing.
Richard Diebenkorn, yes, that is correct! I'll post the entire painting soon.