watercolor | no. 18 + impressions on teaching

From the reductive watercolor series, untitled watercolor 18.
If you've seen my other recent paintings, you can tell I've been exploring violets, oranges and pinks lately.

Speaking of colors, I had to cancel my March Color Workshop due to lack of interest.  The impression is that such a workshop may be too experimental for the local market, or otherwise somehow not a good fit.  I cannot deny my disappointment, for color has always been my favorite design element.  I find it immensely satisfying to discuss and teach color.  A prior idea I had to teach a class on contemporary art movements was also deemed as probably too experimental or niche.  However, last month when I conducted a workshop on Edgar Degas' painting and pastel techniques, I was pleased that the class was so popular.  My observation thus far is that classes on traditional technique and craft are well attended here.  Others, not so much.  I assume this is the case most everywhere.

In regard to teaching, trying to match what I want to do with the local market has been challenging but I am always willing to try new ideas.  Sometimes it's a success.


Munsell Color said...

Stephanie, color is (of course) our favorite design element as well. we encourage you to keep teaching color fundamentals in any way possible. We certainly hope that there is still interest out there.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Munsell Color,
I hope so, too. Thank you for that encouragement. I do have some more ideas, always willing to teach color fundamentals.