texas life | san antonio museum of art: mark schlesinger "midnight voyage"

"Midnight Voyage"
Mark Schlesinger, 2004, acrylic on translucent and opaque acrylic panels

In my studio and public paintings, I strive to reveal connections and the surety of what is obviously seen, the joy of what can be discovered by careful looking, and what the understanding of the presence of self in space reveals about our awareness of being and our physical and emotional connectedness to each other and our shared experience in the present.
- Mark Schlesinger 

Toward the end of The Paradise Project (2007-2009), I contemplated using acrylic panels.  I needed to find some way of achieving luminosity and glow - that "lit from within" appearance - but with texture.  When I discovered that encaustic could give the desired effect, I went in that direction and never looked back.  Mark Schlesinger achieves these optical effects in his beautiful works on acrylic panel.  For more info on Schlesinger, please click here.

I'm pleased there are two large art museums in San Antonio, the closest big city to where I live; and delighted to know that San Antonio Museum of Art allows flash-less photography on most of their exhibits, such as their Contemporary Gallery where I found "Midnight Voyage".

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