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A piece I'm working on...
On a spur of the moment decision, I changed my original color plans and decided to go with creamy pastel hues for this one.


david weir art said...

Very nice Piece,like the colour.


I love the colors. Very nice!

Pete Hoge said...
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Pete Hoge said...

I actually struggle with minimal forms and shapes but your work
offers me lots of texture. So my
discomfort with "minimal surface
activity" is lessened.

More and more I am appreciating
graphic design principles and
your work reminds me of those
specific ideas about how to
place an object and what kind
of environment it will work in.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

david and KONABARBIE,
I wasn't sure about the colors at first, but I enjoy applying these creamy, icy pastels.

That is very interesting, your struggle with minimal forms. I used to be find it mildly unsettling when viewing such works UNLESS they had texture or something rough, undone. I can better appreciate spare minimalism if there is minor "surface activity" or if the art is in the "right" setting, such as raw, rugged spaces. I refer specifically to Donald Judd's 100 aluminum boxes at Chinati Foundation in Marfa - on my mind as I just returned from there.
Environment is extremely important.
Thanks so much for your input.

Pete Hoge said...

Maybe the Universe directed me towards your work for a reason.

I think I might be attracted to
certain basic forms because they
satisfy an inner itch for order.

I did not get the work of Agnes
Martin but in the past few years
"minimalism" began to make sense.

polka dot said...

I LOVE this. I love these colours. There is a photo I took this weekend - a girl from the past had etched something in glass, possibly with a diamond ring - 'xxx' is a cad' - and the colours are so similar. I'll email it to you.

I clicked thru from your sweet message to Roz - and realised that I haven't been on your art blog for far too long. This is a quick stolen moment - a guilty pleasure - I love your work, S. xox

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

I think it takes a while sometimes to "get" minimalism, if at all. What's perhaps interesting, is I'm not entirely certain my work fits into that genre of painting. One can understand why most of the great artists have resisted categorization of their work; it can be inaccurate and limiting.
I began to admire the work of Agnes Martin rather late in the game when I taught a workshop on her last year. It was probably then that I truly grasped minimalism on a deeper level.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

polka dot,
Thank you very much.
I can see your being drawn to these colors in art. I viewed those photos you sent and was struck by the spare, simple beauty and intimacy and mystery. I would call them "found abstracts" (see my "labels" category on this blog and you'd understand what I mean).