ballroom marfa

T.S. Eliot: Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?
While in west Texas a couple of weeks ago, we visited Ballroom Marfa to see Data Deluge, described on Ballroom's website as the ongoing dialogue between the digital and physical worlds.
Through various approaches and with different sensibilities, the artists in Data Deluge address this issue by presenting innovative modes of data visualization and uncovering the often unexpected beauty of information.
Endings, Loren Madsen, suspended copper tubing

Madsen on his installation Endings:  
There's (sic) 76 elements. Each one of these is an abstract graph of things that we would just as soon say goodbye to.
More on Loren Madsen here and here.

Data Deluge is on exhibit at Ballroom Marfa until 8 July.
Outside Ballroom, rows of billowing long grass line the sidewalk.


Teresa said...

Very cool. I'm still trying to get myself out to Marfa. A long drive but worth it. I'll have to check out this gallery when I finally get there.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Marfa is worth a long drive and hard to leave. I can't wait to return. I hope you are able to visit this strange and wonderful little town.